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Mind-Centered Holistic Practitioners And Techniques

Holistic practitioners are individuals who study the body as whole and dedicate their lives to learning alternative techniques to surgery and medication when dealing with issues commonly experienced within the human body. Many holistic practitioners believe that medication is an unnecessary treatment method and that alternative methods can be a healthier and more thorough way of dealing with issues such as physical pain, mental stress, fatigue or depression. Mind-centered holistic practitioners use techniques that involve the mental faculties of the patient in order to achieve relief from these issues. There are many different techniques used by mind-centered holistic practitioners, and many consumers have found that they experience incredible results when they participate in some of these techniques or processes.


Meditation is a very common form of mind centered holistic medicine, and meditation is used throughout the world to promote health and healing. The mind is a very powerful concept and involves much more than simply the firing of neurons within the brain. Meditation is a way to escape into the mind and relieve the body of the physical effects of stress, depression or anxiety. Meditation techniques have been tweaked and perfected over centuries, and many holistic practitioners use advanced meditation techniques to achieve very powerful results. Sometimes, meditation is accompanied by physical movement such as in yoga. The combination of careful breathing, controlled movement and powerful mediation has been shown to have amazing effects on the human body.


Aromatherapy is a holistic medicine technique that involves combining the powers of the sense of smell with the powers of the mind. Different aromas have been shown to have varying effects on the human body. Aromatherapy professionals use aromas that can instigate feelings of renewal, relaxation, or spiritual and emotional cleansing. These aromas are often used in conjunction with meditation techniques and controlled movement techniques such as yoga. Aromatherapy is also commonly used in a spa setting such as during a massage or a facial treatment.


Hypnosis is a highly misunderstood form of holistic therapy, and holistic practitioners who are knowledgeable in the art of hypnosis understand that it is a powerful technique which can be abused if it is used incorrectly. Hypnosis is the art of allowing the mind to explore itself, and many therapists use hypnosis to allow patients to safely deal with severe emotional trauma or damage that occurred during childhood. Hypnosis is commonly used to treat women with postpartum depression or individuals with post traumatic stress disorder.

Therapy as a Holistic Practice

Many holistic practitioners use different types of mental therapy as an element of their holistic treatment methods. Talk therapy is a method by which individual practitioners talk to their patients and steer them in controlled mental directions. Art therapy utilizes the soothing power of art and creativity to alleviate stress and promote mental and emotional healing. Music therapy relies on the auditory power of music to change mood and alleviate physical discomfort. These types of holistic treatment are backed by scientific research which is more widely accepted in the medical community.

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